Well Woman Annual Exam

While most medical spas focus almost solely on aesthetic services, we here at Pure Life Medispa believe that beauty begins with a healthy body and mind. For women, that means being proactive about preventative healthcare. And that’s the prompting behind our Well Woman annual exam services.

To ensure long-term good health, both men and women should undergo an annual physical exam that includes a medical history review; a check of vital signs including blood pressure, heart rate and respiration rate; a head and neck exam, which can provide information about your dental health, and the condition of your ear, eye, nose, sinuses, lymph nodes, thyroid and carotid arteries; and abdominal exam to detect the presence of abdominal fluid or tenderness, determine liver size and check bowel sounds; a neurological exam to check nerve function, muscle strength, reflexes, balance and mental state; a dermatological exam to check for skin and nail markings that can indicate disease; and an extremities exam to check for physical and sensory changes in your arms and legs.

But for women, two additional annual examinations are critical – a pelvic exam and a breast exam.

Pelvic Exam: Pure Life Medical spa offers annual gynecological examinations of the vulva, vagina and cervix to assess reproductive health, plus Pap smear tests to screen for cervical cancer. Annual exams may also include blood, urine, STD and colorectal cancer (the third leading cause of cancer death among women) screening plus bone mineral testing. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommend that women have their first Pap test at age 21.

Breast Exam: During your breast exam, your physician will feel for abnormal lumps that may indicate a benign breast condition or breast cancer. He or she also will check lymph nodes under your arms for visual abnormalities. Depending upon your age, family history and risk factors, you may also undergo a mammography test. ACOG recommends women begin having annual mammography tests by age 40 – earlier if you have a family history or another high risk factor for breast cancer.

Remember that in cases of cancer, early detection is critical to your survival and quality of life. Pure Life Medispa offers Well Woman annual exams, follow ups and screening in a relaxing, homelike environment. Selected insurance companies are accepted. Be proactive about preventative health by calling Dr. Fitzgerald’s office at 727-596-5446 to schedule your appointment today.