Chemical Peels

Your skin faces a constant barrage of biological and environmental hits each and every day. And what do have to show for it? Probably dull, damaged and prematurely aged skin. But a visit to Largo’s Pure Life Medispa can reverse the curse, so to speak, with a customized chemical peel solution developed just for you.

Whether you’re looking for a simple skincare pick-me-up or need a more intense repair, we can tailor a light, medium or deep chemical repair solution designed to meet your particular skincare needs. Options include:

  • Light chemical peel: This is a gentle yet effective antioxidant-charged exfoliation and rejuvenation treatment designed to slough off the top damaged top layers of skin and trigger the growth of new epidermal (the visible upper layer of skin), as well as collagen production. It’s also highly effective for the smoothing acne scars and preventing future acne outbreaks. Expect to undergo three or more treatments to achieve optimal results.
  • Medium chemical peel: Here in sunny Florida, medium chemical peels are extremely popular. That’s because they’re ideal treatments for diminishing the visible effects of sun damage on the skin. Exposure to the sun’s rays triggers the production of melanin, which leads to sun spots, freckles, brown spots and age spots. Medium chemical peels are formulated to eliminate sun-driven skin discolorations, tighten collagen, diminish fine lines and illuminate your skin. Following one of these treatments, expect sensitivity, light redness and peeling of your skin over the next week as it heals.
  • Deep chemical peels: The most aggressive of the three types, deep chemical peels are meant for patients with significant skin damage and premature aging. Formulations penetrate deep into the dermis (the lower of the two primary layers of skin), where it works to shift and rearrange collagen and other support structures of the skin. Following treatment, you’ll likely experience significant swelling and redness, and will be sent home with strict instructions from your physician on post-procedure skincare and protection. Once you’ve healed, you’ll see dramatically smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin.

Find out which chemical peel will best benefit your skin by calling Pure Life Medispa at 727-595-3400 to schedule an initial consultation today.