Wrinkle Releasers

Reducing or eliminating wrinkles caused by dynamic expression is by far the top reason that patients undergo facial cosmetic procedures including wrinkle releasers. For several years the only commercially available wrinkle releaser was Botox, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of certain facial creases in 2002. Today, however, patients have multiple choices.

Largo’s Pure Life Medispa offers three proven treatments designed to eliminate fine lines, smooth wrinkles and lend a more youthful, relaxed look:

  • Botox: Statistic show that Botox is one of the most sought after non-surgical cosmetic treatments worldwide with more than 6.1 million procedures being performed annually according to research by organizations like the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Its primary active ingredient is botulinum toxin, a naturally occurring protein and neurotoxin. In its commercial Botox Cosmetic form, this groundbreaking injectable relaxes facial muscles, restricting their movement. This limits a patients’ ability to over-emote, thereby smoothing and further preventing the creases and lines that develop over years of expression. When combined with skin needling therapy, Botox treatments also enhance and strengthen collagen, an amino-acid-rich protein that provides structural support of the skin. And, it has proven effective for treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), cerebral palsy symptoms and even depression and anxiety.
  • Dysport: FDA-approved in 2009, Dysport is incredibly similar to Botox, utilizing the same active ingredient and working in identical ways – blocking communication between the nerves and muscles so that the muscles are prevented from contracting excessively. Though it’s unclear why, many report that Dysport affords superior results in treatment of crow’s feet and glabellar lines (those two vertical lines that appear between the eyebrows).
  • Xeomin: The newest of the top wrinkle releasers, Xeomin also uses botulinum toxin as its active ingredient. One primary difference is that Xeomin does not carry several proteins found in Botox and Dysport, reducing the likelihood of the body forming and dispatching antibodies that hinder an injected product’s effectiveness – a rare issue found occasionally in patients who have used botulinum toxin for an extended period of time.

Each of these products is a highly effective youth maintenance option for smoothing wrinkles and giving you a more relaxed and youthful look. However, it’s critical that you undergo wrinkle relaxer treatment administered by a licensed professional only, as it can prove dangerous in inexperienced hands.

If you’re considering wrinkle releasing treatments, contact Largo’s Pure Life Medispa to schedule a consultation. Our expert physicians and other skincare specialists can help customize a treatment plan specifically for you. Call 727-595-3400 today.