The word “pure” brings to mind something that’s clear, clean and free of any and all blemishes, toxins or other potentially harmful factors – Just the way our bodies should be. Such was the inspiration for the name of PureLife Medi-Spa, specializing in wellness and skincare.

While many medical spas nationwide focus almost solely on aesthetics, we know that beauty truly is far more than skin-deep. It goes to our very core. That’s why we treat not only the skin, but the whole body.

Our approach to helping you look and feel your beautiful best can best be described as “youth maintenance” rather than “anti-aging.” After all, as the famous quote goes, “It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Looking and feeling great is less about your age than it is about having a positive outlook and a healthy body. That’s why our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Non-surgical cosmetic procedures proven effective at diminishing and preventing signs of aging in your face and body;
  • Science-based weight loss plans that help you shed not just pounds, but toxins, stress and health risks as well;
  • Hormone replacement treatments to help you maintain an active lifestyle, strong libido and healthy mind and body;
  • Well Woman annual exams that include nutrition and lifestyle assessments, breast and abdominal exams and pap smears;
  • Decadent facials designed to give your skin a smooth look and radiant glow that rivals that of any celebrity cover girl.

PureLife Medi-Spa was founded by G. Joseph Fitzgerald, Jr., DO, (You can call him Doc Fitz) a triple board-certified physician who has practiced family medicine in the Largo / Belleair, Florida area for more than 20 years and serves as a nursing home director. He’s also served as the lead physician for the PGA Tour and is the official local physician for Warner Bros. films. From celebrities to centenarians, his patients have taught him that a beautiful look starts with a healthy body.

Let Doc Fitz and his top-notch team of healthcare and skincare specialists give you the whole-body health and youth maintenance treatment that will ensure a radiant, enduring and pure kind of beauty.

Call 727-595-3400 or use our convenient online form to schedule a consultation with PureLife Medi-Spa.